„One Night in New Orleans“ – European tour 2019

STREETVIEW DIXIECLUB is originally a ribbon of road and plays music from the heart of New Orleans.

STREETVIEW DIXIECLUB presents the super hits of the 1920s and 1930s in concert halls, jazz clubs, ballrooms, and in the streets and proclaims the message: „Jazz at its best!“

In the spirit of Frenchman Street, the popular music mile in New Orleans, the programme includes ragtime, Dixieland, and swing classics that have been delighting the music world for almost 100 years now.

They play with a lot of wit and humour, so that every encounter with the eight-member band becomes a full evening’s entertainment.

They open with „We’ve landed at the airport early in this morning …” to the astonished audience at the beginning – even with „Direct flight from New Orleans“ – even in places where there is no airport.

In „One Night in New Orleans“ you learn something about Bourbon Street, Basin Street, and the French Quarter in „only true stories“, meet „Hello Dolly“ and the bittersweet „Sweet Georgia Brown„, get some „Ice cream“ and „Heartaches“ and finally come to understand how bad it must be to miss New Orleans ( „Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans“).

In between, the band strolls „On the Sunny Side of The Street“ or organises a „Mulatschak“, and leaves scarcely girl unsung („Dinah,“ „Margie,“ „Sweet Lorraine“, „Ain`t She Sweet“) .

STREETVIEW DIXIECLUB present their programme with a wink and yet  the musicians cultivate the heritage of the forefathers of Dixieland and the memory of Papa Jack Laine (1873-1966), NicLarocca (1889-1961), Bix Beiderbecke (1903-1931), Kid Ory (1876-1973), Sidney Bechet (1897-1959), Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) etc. with virtuoso skill and soulful interpretation…

STREETVIEW DIXIECLUB  always end their concerts with a not really unexpected turn when Ursi Richmore an (alternative) Patrik Thurner (vocals), W. Hansmann (trumpet), Smooth MM (saxophone), Johnny Woods jr. (clarinet), Adam Longhand (art director, trombone), Dr. Simon Tirando (banjo), Lucky Basshunter (bass), Warren „Big Four“ Jones (drums), and Thomas Alvin Edison (newspaper vendor) have to admit before a „totally surprised audience“ that they aren’t even from New Orleans. And, even worse, they’ve never even been there.

But there is a conciliatory „true story“ at the end: all the musicians come from historic suburbs of New Orleans such as Niederwölz, Frohnleiten, St. Radegund, Fürstenfeld, Graz, Tápiógyörgye, and Belgrade.

(Musicians: Ursula Reicher und (alternative) Patrik Thurner, Werner Hansmann, Matthias Meister, Johannes Hödl, Àdàm Ladànyì, Simon Reithofer, Lukas Straussberger, Vladimir Vesic, Daniil Bobrov (newsboy)).

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